Bible Studies


We hold regular Bible Study sessions focusing on deepening our understanding of God’s message as revealed in Scripture. Apart from study sessions held in people’s homes a number of programmes are also hosted in the church and Family Centre throughout the year, especially during Lent and Advent. We also run what is known as the ‘Alpha Course’ (which was started many years ago at a church in London) as an ecumenical venture alongside other churches in the area.

For more information contact our Parish Office.


Ladies Bible Study

We meet each Friday at the church to study and discuss the Bible, share our lives and pray together. Following a simple study guide, we aim to explore the set readings ourselves each day, then discuss one or two of them and answer some challenging questions. Normally the readings chosen are those that will be used at the following Sunday’s service. So, it's a great idea and helps us all get additional help and meaning for our lives from the Scriptures! We would love more ladies to join us!

For more information speak with our Deacon Carolyn Cohen, Ladies Bible Study Coordinator or contact our Parish Office.